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The story behind BLAQUELINE Magazine

It's said that in order for a business to succeed the person behind it must be so passionate about it that they would trade breathing for more time to perfect their craft.  That is the vein that BLAQUELINE Entertainment Magazine was conceived from.

BLAQUELINE is a global media company based in Texas. Through our interactive magazine, we inform our readers with digital marketing and a personal touch that allows them to feel connected with the featured celebrities and the stories that others share.  At BLAQUELINE we use our professional influence to broadcast the power of hope and possibilities to the world.

As with any business you must have a plan.  What I find amazing with new ventures is their urge to please others.  This was never the case when the idea of a magazine reared it's head into my business space. I have always had an inquisitive personality and found it very interesting to ask unfiltered questions.  However, I learned to control the power of my tongue and replace it with the organization of my mind.  What I am trying to say is that; I do what I enjoy, all the while acknowledging that some may not share my same passion. I embrace the ideas that I create and manifest them into reality.

Use your passion to help others without expecting an applause.