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How do you tune out the noise of judgement and approval from others and motivate yourself to keep going?

Learning to self-validate is not easy, or common.  We find ourselves moving through life performing for others, especially in our professional environment. Seeking approval for a job well done, waiting for compliments and even altering our mood to incite a compliment.  Why?


Sometimes we lack that self-motivation, the encouragement to do better and the inspiration to know your own self-worth;  it's all normal.  But today, you will stop displacing your motivation for your own happiness in favor of performing for others.   You will tune out the noise of judgement and approval from others and motivate yourself to keep going.

Validation is all about accepting your own experience—the good and the bad. In order to progress, do not be embarrassed of your past failures or look for justifications in hindsight.  You arrived today because you are worthy of being here.

Instead of dwelling on what's in your rearview mirror, be present today.  Be a little SELFISH!  That is not a bad quality, although society may have conditioned us to think so; it's not.  In the case of self-validating, it’s imperative and necessary.

Don't play a supporting role in someone else’s lifetime movie.   Be a star in your own.  If you want to validate how you feel and your accomplishments, you cannot be a supporting character.

Slow down and listen to what your emotions are telling you.  Ask yourself "What Does it mean to Love myself"?  Validate those feelings with love and respect for who you are what being you stands for.  I want you to know that Self Validation leads to SELF WORTH!


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