Household appliances

you can use for an orgasm

Let’s take the romance to the kitchen. Ok, yes, we know you have a bedroom, but that’s so over-used.  How about using your kitchen as your personal sex lab!  We have put together a nice list of items found in the kitchen that will help you make lasting memories with your partner.  What is the kitchen if not an extra room in which to have sex?

The Classic Cucumber

This is the classic go-to vegetable; the cucumber idea never gets old.  It’s so fun to shop for the perfect size and have hours of fun knowing that it will probably outlast you.  However, its such a shareable ‘toy’ between you and your partner.


Honey and Coconut Oil

We are fairly certain the cucumber will be the last man standing, so you better reach into the cabinet and pull out the Honey and Coconut Oil.  How sweet it is to pour the honey in special places and taste the flavors.  The Coconut Oil is the front runner for lubricant because it’s slippery, easy to clean up and…did we mention it makes an awesome full-body massage oil.

Ice is Nice

Temperature play is so much fun.  HOT?  Cool off!  Grab a bowl of ice and a hot glass of water.  Roll the ice around your partner in those places that need to be cooled off.  You can even gently place the ice on your partners lips and take a seat in the cold spots.  Take it to another level by blindfolding your partner.

Pot Holders

You can’t forget the pot holders they make comfy cushions for the knees and elbows. You’ll have to use your imagination with this one.



Sometimes you deserve a really good spanking.  The spatula will do the trick.  You can increase the fun by warming up the coconut oil, pouring it on your partner and lightly spank the sassy areas.


While we have only created a small list of  kitchen fun ideas, we are sure you get the message and will not have a problem incorporating your own set of fresh and playful ideas.


Don’t just jump into the fire, have a plan. Once you do it in the kitchen, you won't be able to look at your utensils and vegetables the same way ever again.


Keep in mind that anything you use for kitchen sex might need to be used for cooking at some point, so make sure you thoroughly wash objects before and after.


Get ready to cook up a hookup.