After K.C. coach's "brutal" experience, company urges coaches to give face shields another try

InstaShield sends anti-fog face shields to all NFL head coaches.

In light of Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid's foggy face shield experience in his game opener, InstaShield, a Chicago face shield manufacturer, is sending all NFL head coaches complimentary anti-fog face shields. The company is offering to outfit each team with personalized shields free of charge.

Reid debuted a face shield in a Sept. 10 game against the Houston Texans, but when it fogged up, the shield became the subject of numerous internet memes. Despite the challenge, Kansas City won, but Reid called the experience "brutal."

InstaShield LLC hopes that coaches will give face shields another try, mainly because they provide clear communication and are comfortable to wear. The face shield Reid wore was similar to patent-pending InstaShield, but not the real deal.

"We were excited to see Coach Reid wear a face shield in his opening game, but disappointed when it fogged up," said Dan Brown Jr., InstaShield CEO. "We think coaches will find InstaShield to be more breathable because of its design. We're sending NFL coaches a version with anti-fog coating that we will be offering to the public in November." In the meantime, the company recommends using anti-fog spray with its original face shield.

InstaShield was created by Brown Jr. and his father, inventor Dan Brown Sr., who holds 35 patents and is a product design professor at Northwestern University.  They created InstaShield to help fill the PPE void at the beginning of the pandemic. InstaShield fits over the bill of a ball cap or visor and retails for $2.99 at It is 100 percent made in the U.S. and is reusable and recyclable.

So far, the Browns have sold over 900,000 shields and have given 195,000 shields to charity. They will be donating 1 million in total through their Million-Shield Challenge, where they donate one shield for each one purchased on their website until they reach 1 million units sold.

InstaShield LLC makes comfortable, affordable face shields for the masses. The company is headquartered in Chicago and manufactures its products in the U.S. For more information, visit




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