Where to Buy Tie Dye: Clothes, Shoes Handbags, Accessories and More

Looking for something cute, comfy and totally unique? Tie dye clothing is seeing a surge in sales, especially in the form of loungewear (because who doesn't love a good matching sweatsuit?). 

You might associate tie dye clothes with hippie fashion or old-school craft projects. But lately, we've found while online shopping that places from Etsy to Zappos to Zulily are offering all kinds of stylish tie dyed items. It's amazing to see the sheer number of pieces that have gotten the colorful treatment -- sweats, hoodies, leggings, dresses, jean shorts, sports bras and socks, to name just a few. We even spotted  face masks sporting those familiar splotches and swirls.

And it's easy to see why tie dye is back in fashion: The dyeing process makes every piece 100% one of a kind. So even if you and your best friend order matching tie-dye sweat suits or crop tops, they will still be ever-so-slightly different when you take a closer look at the pattern.

Below, shop the best tie-dye pieces we've found -- plus an option for a kit if you get the urge to DIY some old clothes while hanging out at home.



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