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Trust Your Process | Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

February 12, 2017


Trusting your process and learning to love takes time. The schedule is your own.  Inside of learning your process is the attainment of another Blaquejewel. Realizing and trusting each cycle whether you fail and then succeed your perspective enables you to learn; comparing yourself to others should not be the measure. In tune, you awaken every aspect of your strength mentally and physically. Knowing this mental space through all of your senses comes through loving and accepting your perceived flaws. Please note -  what you may consider a physical flaw another person would love to have. Comparing yourself to others  can steal or enable a false sense of joy.


Your perspective can always change, but it takes acceptance of who you are to change.  The only way to get better (i.e.) love yourself, is by changing your perspective. The only way to change is to completely accept who you are. Trust your process comparison is the thief of joy. Since joy now lives inside of your perspective - everyday life will change and is "accepted with grace.

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