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March 15, 2017

Every last step or rep builds your will for the next..

Every rep begins to hurt and each exercise feels like an eternity. Before anything grows there is a little discomfort.

I have trained for over 15 years and have done a million different exercises. Each exercise has its own challenges. Everyday life presents situations that require us to overcome them. Most times we are forced to solve the problem or fight back [if you will]. It's in this growth process the pain requires us to go beyond our comfort zone. Life recently taught me a few much needed lessons on independence and learning to stand alone. The strength to stand alone is an ability you can develop but it takes time and effort. How does this relate to fitness or fat loss? Of course if you don't know by now; I am an entrepreneur and have been about as long as I have been training.

Train like your life depends on it...keep in perspective kinda

Everyday is training day and life brings the challenge. Your response can be - walk out the gym or walk out on (----) four letter word. (Life) is a precious commodity time is more valuable than all the riches in the world. Use every opportunity to train and build your will. The gym used as a tool can build you in every way. While I didn't discuss reps, exercises and micro or macro nutrients - I did share the gym with you. Using a piece of iron to overcome fear, why not? A few minutes on a treadmill helps you lose weight, but gain the confidence to ask JACK OR SUE on a date. Maybe the ropes in the gym have helped you with coordination and now you salsa a little better. Your spouse loves it.

Go to the gym like yesterday!!!!!!

Don't wait... start and don't stop. Tons of studies on the benefits of exercise physically.  It will change the way you see life. Follow the #BLQJWLS series, mental gym. I rant a little, encourage a little, and above all I hope you get moving..

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