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Lifting Leads to Longevity

April 16, 2017

@blqjwlsforever Lifting leads to Longevity 

"Lifting weights will make you big, slow and its only for bodybuilders." Whats your answer to this statement, YES or NO?

There is no right or wrong answer only your perspective. With more knowledge about resistance training your perspective may change. When most people think of lifting weights, big hunks of iron come to mind. But this is only a form of resistance training. I will give you a short list:

Punching the heavy bag (boxing)
Elliptical machine
Bike riding

Lets focus on the elliptical machine (

The handles you push and pull repeatedly are resisting your movement. Would you think to place the elliptical machine in that category? Probably not, but it is resistance training.

Now that we have covered a few forms of resistance training. Lets discuss a few of the physiological benefits:

Stronger muscles
Better balance
Weight loss
Increased flexibilty
Increased or strengthened bone density
Better circulation
Aide in restoring nerve function

These are only a few of the positive changes you can see.

Lets discuss how you may feel after exercise:

Improved awareness
Improved self esteem

This positive shift in mind and body literally will transform your life. Lifting  to longevity.

The "Impossible Dreamer"on Netflix (watch here). documents the journey of several amazing individuals whom took their health and fitness to amazing heights. They prove age is just a number. A 60 year old man bench presses over 400 pounds and a 70 year old woman runs a 7-minute mile. There were a number of stories that left me in awe and rekindled my thoughts on fitness. Lifting leads to longevity in mind and body. Quality of your life depends on it.

WE celebrate all people who take the reigns of their lives and start rebuilding and repairing their lives through fitness. Its not an easy road, but well worth the travel.

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