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Self-confidence: weightloss and the journey

May 2, 2017


A shrinking waistline and  slimmer physique are amazing. The work and focus to stick with a lifestyle change is not easy at first. As you walk down your road and encounter obstacles or bowls of icecream (lol) remember your "WHY". Its what keeps you motivated, wakes you up in the morning, and gives you the strength to say yes to living a healthy life and no to unhealthy choices. Taking it one day at a time is the very first step and if you can string together 2 or 3 days well a habit is forming.




Its great to see results and even more important: a mind and body focused on a  healthier goal oriented lifestyle. There is no pace to keep if consistency is your main objective. Be the marathon runner and sprint towards your goals. sounds funny and little confusing but know this sprinters are aggressive and marathon runners set their pace. Aggressively set your intentions and set a pace and keep it and remain consistent.  Losing weight is not just about racing to the mirror for  your appearance but for those numbers(blood sugar, blood pressure, sodium levels) are just a few of the indicators of what you see in the mirror.  Eat clean, train hard, smart and remain consistent.

By the way be proud of what you see in the mirror but be even more excited about changing habits that have and will continue transforming your life.



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