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The aspiring student-athlete

August 8, 2017

Every year thousands of student-athletes enter high school with dreams of earning a scholarship. Many give their very best effort and succeed in fulfilling that dream. While others graduate, go to college and travel a different path whether work/study or part-time job outside of the school. I can't determine which scenario is more difficult to earn and maintain a scholarship or working through university studies. In either scenario one must commit completely to graduate. 

As a former student-athlete earning a scholarship was not easy and it required an immense work ethic; but of course every athlete feels they are the best or they work the hardest. My goal in life has always been to work as hard as I can and hope my name comes up amongst the best. This goal has allowed me to be successful and meet other accomplished individuals. Long hours of study and physical training gave me an edge In confidence and belief. This type of dedication and work ethic has carried many student-athletes through life. 

Having the chance to speak with a number of student athletes this past week reminded me of my experience pursuing a higher education. The conversations always ended with focus and the mentality it takes to succeed in life. While many of the student-athletes had college invites, others had already signed letters of intent.

The most important advice I give to all student-athletes is: Give your very best effort, set the highest athletic and academic goals you can and believe in yourself. Those goals will push you in the right direction and give you the fuel you need to focus. Surround yourself with positive people and when negativity tries to creep in remember who you are and what you are not. Take hold of your future and remain consistent. Use setbacks to build your strength by going through them or over them. You were given a mind to accomplish great things, but it's the belief that you were made to succeed and make an impact that takes you to the heights.
Believe you have all you need to succeed and work like it. This mentality always leads to success. Success is yours!!!! Blog 

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