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November 22, 2017


It's that time of year again. New beginnings, new gym memberships and new year resolutions will be trending and the google search engine will be filled with questions. Fitness will be at the top of the To Do list for many. While searching and making that list, click here BLQJWLS  WORKOUTS for the GPP and other new gym workouts.

2018 is NOW!!!!!

Don't wait until January 2018; start now setting and achieving those resolutions. Setting goals for tomorrow is great, but doing the workouts and making steps to achieve those goals are the way to success. All the motivation (i.e fuel) needed comes from the goal setting phase (resolutions). Whether losing weight or building muscle; exercise and nutrition work together. Exercise helps burn the calories and lose weight. Nutrition aides in recovery, prehab and maintenance.


The GPP is a combination of exercises (click here GPP ). Maintaining resolutions throughout the year requires patience and dedication. The GPP begins with bodyweight exercises and progresses to other exercises using a weightvest and other equipment. 

Goals are the fuel and the exercises workout the goals. It's simple and with the bar complex every fitness goal whether weightloss or muscle building, the results will come. Patience while learning the movements is important. Train and do the workouts, increase strength endurance and learn how to use the GPP as a recovery or complementary workout. It will help maintain all the great work done from the resolution. The workouts will not be a resolution but a change in LIFESTYLE .

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