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Texas Death Row Stories

Known as the Death Capital of the World, Texas has executed more prisoners than any other state.  Below are a few stories taken from the execution vault of Texas.

The Story

After his car broke down on December 14, 1976, Brooks went to a used car lot and asked to test drive a car. The mechanic, David Gregory, accompanied him on the drive. After Brooks picked up his accomplice Woody Loudres, they put the mechanic in the trunk of the car and Brooks and Loudres drove to a motel. There the mechanic was bound to a chair with coat hangers, gagged with tape and then shot in the head. Neither Brooks nor Loudres would say who fired the shot and therefore the State sought the death penalty for both Brooks and Loudres.  Almost five years after Brooks was convicted, Woody Lourdes, who had been indicted for and convicted of the same offense, and whose conviction had been reversed on appeal, made a plea bargain with the State.  Loudres received a 40-year sentence but only served 11.

Born in 1942 and raised in Fort Worth Texas, Charles Brooks, Jr., also known as Shareef Ahmad Abdul-Rahim was convicted of murder in 1977 and sentenced to death.  On December 7, 1982 at 12:09 a.m. the lethal drugs were injected into Mr. Brooks's body he was pronounced dead at 12:16 a.m., by a prison doctor.

Last Words

Statement to the Media: I, at this very moment, have absolutely no fear of what may happen to this body. My fear is for Allah, God only, who has at this moment the only power to determine if I should live or die... As a devout Muslim, I am taught and believe that this material life is only for the express purpose of preparing oneself for the real life that is to come... Since becoming Muslim, I have tried to live as Allah wanted me to live.



Yes, I do. 
I love you. 
Asdadu an la ilah illa Allah, 
Asdadu an la ilah illa Allah, 
Asdadu anna Muhammadan Rasul Allah,
Asdadu anna Muhammadan Rasul Allah. 
I bear witness that there is no God but Allah. 
I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. 
Inna li-Allah wa-inna ilayhi rajiun. 
Verily unto Allah do we belong, Verily unto him do we return.
Be strong.

Last Meal:

A T-bone steak, french fries, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, biscuits, peach cobbler and iced tea.**

**In 2011, Texas ended the last meal request by death row inmates.

Travis Mullis #999563

TIME ON DEATH ROW: 7 years, 2 months

CRIME:  Mullis was convicted in the murder of his 3-month-old son stomping his head because he would not stop crying. 

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