I help people that want to help others succeed.

-Tori Tolbert



***This interview is a continuation from the January 2019 BLAQUELINE Magazine publication.***

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 BLAQUELINE:  Is fitness an important part of your day?

TORI:  Health and fitness should be part of every entrepreneurs day.  Most entrepreneurs have home offices which could lead to a lazy lifestyle. You will sit more, eat at odd hours and be less active because home is looked at as a place to relax.  Being fit is a confidence booster, you feel more energized but above all...being fit and healthy is necessary for mental wellbeing.

BLAQUELINE:  Ok, so I have to ask you this.  Why is it so easy for you to walk away from deals or out of meetings without looking back.

TORI:  Well first of all, sometimes I think too many meetings are a waste of productivity.  Just call me and tell me what you want or need.  Technology makes it easy for people to meet online.  Also, when a person arrives too late to a meeting, it shows me that they do not respect my time and that never sits well with me - So it's easy for me to walk out and know a better deal is down the road.

BLAQUELINE:  What is your secret to moving on when you are told "No"?

TORI:  I never believe that a human has the power over my being.  There is a higher power that watches over me and protects me from things, people and situations that may not be good for me.  But, I also know how disheartening it can be to be told "no".  For me, I say "Thank you Lord for the opportunity and for showing me this was not my time".  Then I move on to the next thing.  If I let "no" fester in my mind then I will not be able to focus.  Therefore, moving on is healthier for my personal success.

BLAQUELINE:  How did you find your WHY and how can others find their WHY?

TORI:  First of all, I love the quote by Nelson Mandela - "There is no passion to be found playing small -- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."  

Personally, I was always driven by business.  Even as a little girl I saw the creativity of my mom and how she would make gift baskets, t-shirts and all kinds of things and then sell them.  The amazing part of it all is that she really enjoyed what she was doing and I wanted that feeling.  So being a business owner was embedded in me as a child.  Finding what I wanted to do was a different story.  To be truthful, I loved starting businesses, but I never felt I was happy until I started the magazine and discovered my "Why" is to Help People That Want To Help Others Succeed".  In order to find your "why" it cannot be driven by money, if it is..that's a recipe for disappointment.  Find what it is that drives you, it must be something that you truly love and you will sacrifice eating and sleeping for it.

BLAQUELINE:  What's next for you?

TORI:  I'm not sure, but whatever it's going to be phenomenal.  (laughing)